Sunrise at the Peaks of Otter

I think every bride deserves the perfect backdrop. Because after all, a bride’s beauty is best showcased by a beautiful scene. I usually throw out a few crazy ideas (fully expecting to be shot down) and every once in a while a bride agrees and something amazing happens! This session was one of those times! A crazy idea, an awesome bride, and the perfect day! Now when I say the perfect day imagine this; it was 4:30 in the morning when we drove to the base of the mountain, 38 degrees outside, and there were 25 mph winds whipping around the car… Sounds delightful, right? Well the old adage of “there’s a price for beauty” has never rang so true! Sometimes pushing past being uncomfortable has big pay offs and I think you will agree that this session was just that. A beautiful pay off. Kandice truly was a good sport and hiked a mountain, so that right as the sun rose I could capture these epic photos.



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