Tim & Melanie

Love, gentleness, and kindness. Three words that define the greatest of relationships. Tim and Melanie’s relationship exudes these characteristics.  The love between them is so evident; you just can’t help but notice it. Melanie is a dear friend we saw it as an honor to be able to capture the sweet love between her and Tim. We wish them all the joy and happiness a life with your true love brings! 

Ariel & Thomas

Some people you meet and instantly they make you feel like friends. This has never been more true than with Ariel and Thomas. Not only do they deeply love each other, but also everyone around them. During this shoot we got to see just how kind and fun loving this couple is and we think these pictures speak for themselves in saying that Ariel and Thomas are a pretty special couple. 

Kenny & Erin – Country Love

You try to plan ahead. You strategize, you scheme. You figure out every last detail so nothing goes wrong. You’re ready, you’re set… You’re in trouble. The day of Kenny and Erin’s engagement started off slightly less smoothly than anticipated. Custom ring pick-up complications? Check. Chance of rain? Awesome. Raging hot day? Bring it on. It was game day for Kenny, and nothing was getting in his way, he would ask her to marry him. Erin would get her ring, and it would be perfection. The rain would hold off, and the sky would unfold in all its glory. The heat would… well, it’s the south, the heat stayed. All the planning, all the diversions and secrets… they all led up to this. We set the stage, camera’s ready, and cued Kenny with a look that said, “this is it.” Excitement boiling over, Kenny couldn’t have waited any longer. Down on one knee, ring in hand, Kenny asked Erin to spend the rest of their lives together. And she said yes. Sharing these moments with Kenny and Erin were unforgettable, and we never get tired of it. All the happiness in the world to you both, and then some!

Love in Paradise | By: Meghan Bradley of Mykkah Photography

Recently, I had the privilege of photographing one of my dearest and truest friends, Cierra, and her fiance, Justin, on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Cierra and I attended the same college together in upstate NY, and it was there that we bonded instantly. It has been said that you’re lucky if you have one best friend in your lifetime. Well, I don’t believe in luck. Cierra has been a gift from God in my life, and nothing short of it. That being said, I’ve always wanted the very best for her, and when Justin entered the picture, I made it my job to see whether this guy was the real deal or not.

Long story short and nearly two years later, its no longer about whether I see them together… because I can’t see these two apart. The ring, as stunning as it is, was nothing compared to the smile Cierra flashed as she gave me the news that Justin had proposed. So, get here fast August! These two couldn’t be more ready for their big day.

The beauty of the following is just what you see: love at its finest. These are just a few of Cierra and Justin’s moments that day.

May 14, 2012 - 11:02 AM

Sandra Lemin - I love engagement sessions and these are beautiful you did a incredible job photographing them!

Chris & Roshelle – Belle Isle – Richmond, VA

After talking with Roshelle, we learned that she wanted her and Chris’ engagement session to have an outdoor and city feel. She suggested Belle Isle, which in our opinion was the perfect fit for what she had in mind. We loved the lines of the concrete bridge pictured below with the natural beauty of  the woods and river behind. We were so excited to give Roshelle and Chris such a great variety of pictures and we loved every second shooting them.

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