Allie Dixon – Bridal Session – King’s Family Vineyard, Charlottesville VA

One thing you may not know about me is that I love shooting bridal portraits! There’s just something about the tradition that gets me nostalgic. The beauty of the bride and her dress, the excitement of what’s to come, and the commitment of love soon to be made…It’s all just great! Allie’s bridal session was certainly all those things and much more. We shot Allie’s session at King’s Family Vineyard and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The vineyard was breathtaking and the weather was perfect. Not to mention, we had such a wonderful time shooting there. Whether it was in the barn (trying not to get distracted by the beautiful horses) or laying in a pasture of wild flowers, we had a blast! I could go on and on about how much fun we had, but the real story is in these amazing photos. As the day came to a close, we finished up by having Allie walk out onto the polo field just as the sun was setting. Capping off this dreamy bridal session with a few last pictures that were kissed by the sun. What an awesome day with some awesome people!


Ryan & Stephanie – A Tide’s Inn Wedding

Picture. Perfect. Everything from this wedding was just that: picture perfect. From the beautiful flowers to the incredible backdrop, Ryan and Stephanie’s wedding was a stunner. Not to mention, the bride’s beauty just about took our breath away. After we had caught our breath, a 18 person bridal party was a buzz for this special day. Everyone having a blast and incredibly kind, made Ryan and Stephanie’s wedding only more enjoyable to be a part of. The Tide’s Inn hosted the backdrop for a seaside wedding and with special twists like the bride’s cowboy boots, we loved every detail. Since then, until now, we just can’t stop talking about these pictures because to us, the couple makes them just perfect.

Jesse & Samantha

Traveling is a part of the job and we love it. For Samantha and Jesse’s wedding, we traveled through the great mountains of West Virginia. Literally driving “over the river and through the woods,” we wondered when we would arrive at our destination. But a state park and a small Swiss village later, we did. Bali Farms was a hidden treasure and we couldn’t wait to meet the couple that had found it. Samantha couldn’t have been any sweeter and Jesse more a gentleman. These two were, in every way, picture perfect. But more than that, perfectly in love. The wedding was held on top of a mountain; complete with feather throwing, dancing in the moonlight, and setting up camp under the stars. This wedding was what we like to call… delicious! Plus, we were told we resembled the Cullins. Are we allowed to have favorites? We sure hope so!

May 20, 2014 - 9:08 PM

Jenny Haas - LOVE this. Your work is amazing, and sometimes… I am entirely jealous of where you live 😉

Diego & Nichelle

Sweet. Loving. Joyous. Words that define this couple and the incredible wedding that showcased a love so sweet and pure, the greatest of love stories are no measure. As the day started, love and support was evident from everyone around. But the greatest measure of love was displayed as Diego and Nichelle had their first sight. Nerves were evident but so was unrelenting love and passion for one another. Just the way Diego looks at Nichelle was enough to melt our hearts. As the day progressed, everywhere you turned color defined the happiness and fun between this couple. Not to mention, they were incredible dancers! We know this is a love sure to last the test of time. 

Ryan & Stephanie

“The good o’l days.” You remember those days; collegiate love blossoming while you attend classes and go to football games. For this couple, their love was all the same but while you were in the stands, they were on the field cheering on the team. As we photographed this couple along UVA’s beautiful campus, their love story unfolded. Our last stop was the tree, where in earlier years, Ryan and Stephanie had carved their initials. This symbol of love made us love the story of their courtship even more. 

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