Chris & Roshelle + Cole | Pocahontas State Park

There’s nothing like a great family photo session to help recharge my mental batteries, especially after several straight months of shooting weddings! They’re fun, laid back, and more importantly they capture and record a wonderful period in family life. As you’ll see we had an amazing time with baby Cole as he put on a show with his adorable smile and charming personality!

I met Chris and Roshelle a few years back, shooting their engagement session and it’s hard to believe they’re parents now! It’s so cool to have the opportunity to be a part of a couples life and watch their transformation from “almost newlyweds” to parents. It was a pleasure to reconnect with them and meet baby Cole. I love that name by the way. Much is said in a name. And what could be more perfect than “Cole” which means “People’s Victory”. I’m sure Chris and Roshelle would tell you he is indeed their victory!

We started this amazing shoot at Pocahontas State Park which is located right outside Richmond Virginia. I’d never been there, but once I arrived I knew we were going to get some amazing shots! It’s absolutely beautiful there. Our first location was in a beautiful field right by the entrance and we couldn’t have timed it any better! As the sun was starting to set baby Cole started to shine!

Just having had a little one of my own, Cole’s smile made me want to melt. Seriously, could he be any more perfect? More than once, I zoned out; just sitting and staring at him, but I had a job to do. We spent about an hour shooting in that field and then moved to a bridge and dock, to wrap up the session before the sun set on us. This session could not have gone better and I accredit it to the company I was with; Chris, Roshelle, and Cole. Simply perfect.

Thank you both again for allowing me to record your precious memories!


July 3, 2014 - 9:55 PM

Roshelle - It’s always a pleasure to work with such a wonderful artist. I can’t wait to have you photograph our family in the many years to come.

Gabe & Jessie – A Charlottesville Engagement

Call me reckless, but one thing I never do is “plan” my engagement sessions. There’s just something about letting creativity roam free that makes each of my shoots unique! It’s that freedom that allows everyone involved to relax and enjoy ourselves while having an amazing time shooting. Gabe and Jessica’s shoot was much the same as we arrived at the University of Charlottesville with the plan of having no plan! If you’ve never been to “UVA” you’re surely missing out. The campus is absolutely stunning! It was conceived and designed by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson and established in 1819. Every time I’m on campus it’s hard not to imagine what life must have been like almost 200 years ago. It’s that history and romance that inspires me.

We started the day by shooting in the beautiful gardens on campus. The photos were dripping with gorgeous light as we dove in deeper. I could literally spend all day there, but within an hour I knew we had to move on because storms were on the way. We wrapped up shooting there as Gabe and Jessica did a quick outfit change. Our next destination-downtown. We got out of our cars and started walking the streets looking for whatever we could find. What we found were some good spots, but I’m always looking for something special on each of my shoots. Then, there it was! An empty construction site on a Sunday, perfect!

The building was in it’s beginning stages at best, with only a concrete frame in place. But if I could say anything about my work, it’s that I love minimalism and negative space. Then, I turned to Gabe and Jessica all dressed up and asked them if they were up for anything. That they were! We started out on the main floor of this gravel filled construction site and got a few great photos. Then, I saw a wooden make shift ladder leading to the second floor and I knew we had to check it out. They probably thought I was nuts, but once we got up to the second floor, there was nothing but two open unfinished sky lights that were pouring in huge beams of light. Making way, for some incredible photos.

Jessica had mentioned that she wanted some shots in a field, so with storm clouds rolling in behind us, we hit the road. It felt like a scene from the movie twister to some extent, but after driving about 15 minutes down an old country road, we had found the perfect place! We quickly hopped a fence, found an old barn waiting for us, and started shooting at our final location. We spent about 20 amazing minutes shooting there and as I asked them to kiss for the last time, we felt the first drop of rain kiss our heads… It was eerily perfect!

We had such and amazing time shooting in the beautiful city of Charlottesville and I seriously couldn’t have asked for better company! Gabe and Jessica are two genuinely wonderful people that I would share my day with anytime, anywhere. Thank you two for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful story!


Jared and Chelsea – San Francisco and ocean views!

Adventure. It’s what I live for… The small adventures of driving in my car to nowhere on a Sunday afternoon, and the big adventures of going to California for an epic engagement shoot. And what could be more fun than shooting an engagement session in one of the coolest cities on the west coast? Not a whole lot in my opinion, but just to bring it up a notch; let’s add the accidental scouting of a nude beach, great laughs and genuine friendship. Unfortunately, yes, you heard that first part right. Prior to this session, I had scouted a few locations for Jared and Chelsea’s shoot, but I didn’t realize that one of the locations I chose (part of Baker’s beach in San Francisco) had it’s “usuals” tanning in the buff! This also happens to be where the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge are- go figure! What makes it even worse is that I didn’t realize that the men on the beach were naked until the day of when the couple was already on their way to meet me there. Thankfully, this couple are good sports and laughed it off. All in the name of incredible pictures!

Once we were finished at “the beach” and the day progressed, we ended up driving all over the city; shooting at some beautiful locations along the way. We also did a great deal of laughing. There’s just something about people who don’t take themselves too seriously and can have a good time. Jared and Chelsea embody that kind of fun, care free attitude that makes you instantly want to be their friend. A lot of the laughing was done as Jared tried to make a serious face and put the moves on Chelsea. Shooting engagements are some much fun! I love coaching my couples into flattering poses, but when something just isn’t working it’s hilarious to us all! You’ll see Chelsea laughing at Jared in one of the photo’s below! Priceless!

I really can’t say enough about how wonderful Jared and Chelsea are. They truly are the type of people you meet once and feel like you’ve known them your whole life! So, you can see how friendship with this couple came easily. This shoot is probably and always will be one of my favorite engagement sessions for a plethora of reasons, but one things for sure, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else! Thanks Jared and Chelsea for the adventure!


June 27, 2014 - 8:52 AM

Dee Dee kleman - Beautiful couple!!! Stunning pictures! Congratulations!!

DJ & Anna – Wild and wonderful West Virginia!

I love West Virginia! Perhaps it’s because nearly 75% of the State is covered in forests. Then again, it maybe that West Virginia just lives up to its motto: “Wild and Wonderful”.

Either way I was pumped to see these two people again! I say again because I had the pleasure of photographing DJ and Anna’s engagement earlier in the year, as we got lost in a beautiful area of God’s country.

I have to say one of the greatest joys of my job has been my restoration of faith in the goodness of people. I shoot all over the country and meet hundreds of couples. And when I encounter people like DJ and Anna I discover again the beauty and pure honesty that exists in humanity.

Typically, we meet new people everyday and don’t think much about it. But when it’s genuine photos you’re after, meeting a new photographer, in fact, requires some thought. It requires making the decision to let someone you’ve never met before into your personal life – quickly. And it’s this choice to be vulnerable that makes a photo beautiful in my opinion.

The fact that a man can look honestly at his soon to be wife with love and emotion and not feel judged by me is wonderful. To have a woman look into my camera with a pure confidence that exists solely from knowing the man beside her believes in her – is a gift. They are sacred moments; moments I hold like glass.

What DJ and Anna have together is real. From their engagement shoot to their wedding day, better people couldn’t have surrounded me. It was a pleasure and honor of mine to serve these two. I’m thankful for weddings like theirs.

Specifically, their wedding took place on a small piece of family land right outside Charleston and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! As the day progressed, so did its beauty! Anna’s attention to every amazing detail told the story. From the gorgeous floor length dresses of her beautiful bridesmaids, to the centerpieces, to the excitement in DJ’s eyes, this wedding was going to be wonderful.

The day was gorgeous. The people were beautiful. The wedding was unforgettable. I think you’ll see with your own eyes that you too may need a little piece of the wild and wonderful, West Virginia!

DJ and Anna – Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so special.


Chris & Katie’s Wedding – Retro Love – West Milton, Ohio

Every photographer has their own style that defines them, but for me I guess you could say it’s more like a heartbeat. It’s not about what’s trendy or what’s hot. Instead, every time I shoot, every picture I take, every couple I meet- it’s about feeling and emotion. It’s about all that exists between a couple that is unspoken.

This wedding had plenty of both; feeling and emotion, and while I could go on and on about what a wonderful time was had and how great everyone looked, it all comes down to this first photo for me… Most people save the best for last, but with this wedding I couldn’t help but save the best for first, my favorite photo. This photo represents all the beauty of that intangible quality that unites and defines a couple.

Chris and Katie’s wedding took place at a historic pavilion that was built in 1902 and was later converted into a roller rink for the small town of West Milton, OH. When I walked into the venue, I could almost hear the sound of roller skates whizzing by on the original floor. As I looked around, I couldn’t help but be pulled in by the great details from generations past. Such a nostalgic venue combined with Chris and Katie’s endearing love made this wedding a delight to shoot!

Thank you Chris and Katie for letting me be a part of your special day!


June 20, 2014 - 10:57 AM

Lisa Harrison - Mother of the Bride… You captured the very essence of this beautiful day… Of Chris is an individual… Of Katie… Of their love and adventure together. I agree, the venue was amazing. It was full of nostalgia. I pray their history and life together stand as long. Thank you for preserving that day for all of us.

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