Drew + Allie – Richmond Romance

Drew and Allie’s wedding was picture perfect if that’s not too cliche to say! The weather was amazing, the church was beautiful, and everyone was dressed to kill! As I look back, there are so many things that I loved about the day itself, but seeing Allie so excited will always be the thing that stands out most in my mind. There’s just something wonderful about the purity and innocence of a wedding. It’s almost like Christmas to a kid. Sure they are 20 something kids, but the expression on their faces says it all! It’s like Christmas for me too because I finally get to see the plans that I’ve talked about with the bride and groom for so long, come to life. What will the dresses look like? How will the bride look? What kind of details will there be? It’s just so great to see it finally come together in one beautifully wrapped package that is the wedding!

The feeling of the wedding was just as contagious as Allie’s excitement. The bridal party seemed more like family and fun was everywhere. The wedding day progressed as most weddings do, but one of my favorite times is when I get to shoot just the couple. I usually try to sneak them away for about 15 minutes around sunset and it’s then that AWESOMENESS is created. What could be more romantic than a newly married couple at sunset just hours after saying “I do?” Not a whole lot in my book and it’s that romance that inspires me.

Most of the time when we get back from shooting the couples portraits the party’s pretty swinging, but with Allie (who’s an actual dancer) the place was off the chain! Young and old were cutting a rug, not to mention Allie’s dad was going head to head in a dance off with Drew! It was so much fun and everyone was having the time of their lives. There was cake in the face, practical jokes as the garter toss catcher thought he would be putting the garter on Allie’s beautiful sister, and conga lines to the door. What a celebration!

As you’ll see in the photos below, this wedding was full of beautiful things and gorgeous people, But what I loved most was getting to share this precious day with two wonderful people that turned their day into not just your average wedding; but one full of fun, excitement, and most importantly deep love.

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to document such an important day!


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