DJ & Anna – Wild and wonderful West Virginia!

I love West Virginia! Perhaps it’s because nearly 75% of the State is covered in forests. Then again, it maybe that West Virginia just lives up to its motto: “Wild and Wonderful”.

Either way I was pumped to see these two people again! I say again because I had the pleasure of photographing DJ and Anna’s engagement earlier in the year, as we got lost in a beautiful area of God’s country.

I have to say one of the greatest joys of my job has been my restoration of faith in the goodness of people. I shoot all over the country and meet hundreds of couples. And when I encounter people like DJ and Anna I discover again the beauty and pure honesty that exists in humanity.

Typically, we meet new people everyday and don’t think much about it. But when it’s genuine photos you’re after, meeting a new photographer, in fact, requires some thought. It requires making the decision to let someone you’ve never met before into your personal life – quickly. And it’s this choice to be vulnerable that makes a photo beautiful in my opinion.

The fact that a man can look honestly at his soon to be wife with love and emotion and not feel judged by me is wonderful. To have a woman look into my camera with a pure confidence that exists solely from knowing the man beside her believes in her – is a gift. They are sacred moments; moments I hold like glass.

What DJ and Anna have together is real. From their engagement shoot to their wedding day, better people couldn’t have surrounded me. It was a pleasure and honor of mine to serve these two. I’m thankful for weddings like theirs.

Specifically, their wedding took place on a small piece of family land right outside Charleston and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! As the day progressed, so did its beauty! Anna’s attention to every amazing detail told the story. From the gorgeous floor length dresses of her beautiful bridesmaids, to the centerpieces, to the excitement in DJ’s eyes, this wedding was going to be wonderful.

The day was gorgeous. The people were beautiful. The wedding was unforgettable. I think you’ll see with your own eyes that you too may need a little piece of the wild and wonderful, West Virginia!

DJ and Anna – Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so special.


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